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“Learning how to learn” Powerful mental tools to raise your self-esteem, to improve your relationships, to master your study method, sport and your spare time in the best way.
In the document “Life Skills Education in Schools” the World Health Organisation encourages all the istitutions and the experts that work in help Relation to activate the whole of personal abilities and relational competences in the person, even as a child, to handle relationships with the rest of the world and to deal with the daily life in a positive way.
“Social skills let teenagers relate with confidence to themselves, to others and to the community.”
“The lack of these social skills may cause, particularly through young people, the growth of bad and dangerous behaviours due to stress.”
Teens’ Power- Adolescenti di successo (Successful adolescents), a project promoted by the 23&20 association set in Varese, has created a space dedicated to young people from middle and high school. There, a group of experts activates every potentiality of the person focusing on peer-to-peer relationships – always in a pleasant way- using an interactive and dynamic method, that draws its techniques from the methods “Learning how to learn”, Life Coaching, sport and motivational coaching.
In this way teenagers can gain more consciousness of their tools and potentialities, reaching an emotional balancing, useful to let them discover their talent and to grow them with courage, marking a positive difference in their lives and in the others’ ones.
During the week, teenagers between 11 and 17 years, will enjoy moments of theoretical, playful and educational training and, during the afternoon, two sport activities chosen between many interesting alternatives, managed by qualified trainers in collaboration with expert teachers.

This camp gives teenagers an easy access to learning skills, used by experts in art, music, literature, maths, science, sport and other disciplines. They will discover how the brain uses two ways of learning and memorization using successful tools, available to everyone, to help them mastering their time and their study.
This attitude teaches how to change from a negative to a positive thinking, how to see life with a resposable vision and how to be protagonist of your own learning.
“You are the only responsable of your learning.”
The topics:

  • What is your learning method?
  • What does motivate you to study?
  • How can you create learning conditions?
  • How learn how to believe in yourself
  • Self-esteem raising
  • How to manage the difficulties and the different moods
  • How to win the fear of tests
  • Time management
  • Learning optimisation
  • Talents’ exploitation
  • How to know limits and get through them
  • How to reach targets using pro-active resources
  • How to learn how to relax and how to control with breathe and visualisation techniques.


Eugenia Fissore: graduated in Economics & Sport Management, Sport Advisor, Life coach, Learning how to learn coach, trainer Coach. Teens’ Power sports coordinator.
Daniela Silvestro: Life coach specialized in Rainbow method, Learning how to learn coach, Master Counselor relational Metacorporea, RespirAzione and MeditAzione operator. Teens’ Power educational coordinator.



  • From Sunday 8th July, to Saturday 14th July 2018.


Hotel ** – *** – **** at Canazei e Campitello di Fassa.

Partecipation fee:

The enrolement fee amount is € 475,00.
There is even a service of optional transport with the Pullman Gran Turismo, in the planned collection points. The cost is of € 45,00 (departure and return).
The share includes: insurance, official Camp’s t-shirt, full board, access to the gym and all the facilities, all the theorical-practical activities and games that will take place during the Camp.
The down payment of 200,00€ will have to be thrown during the registration, while the balance at least 10 days before the one way. The families with at least 2 children entered to the Gazzetta Summer Camp will have a discount of € 25,00 on the second one and the following.
The cost of the Day Camp formula is of € 215,00. What’s the Day Camp Program?.

For further information consult the Info & Registration section.

For further informations and reservations it is possible to contact the professionals:
Daniela: 340-5404570
Eugenia: 335-6562456

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