It is the perfect program for families who are on holiday or live near our centres and want their children to do the same activities as the other camp participants.

It includes sports, leisure activities and lunch. It does not include breakfast, dinner and lodging.


Day Camp starts on the second day of the session, from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm.
It finishes on the last day of the session at around 2 pm (lunch is included).

IMPORTANT NOTE: parents should always advise the monitor of children arrival and departure from the summer camp.

  • In case children cannot attend the camp a certain day for whatever reason, parents must give notice to the monitor for security and organizational reasons
  • If children are taking medicines, these have to be given to the doctor of the camp, together with the medical record.
  • If something special is needed (bathing cap, bathing suit etc.) the monitor will inform the child so that the child can be duly equipped for the summer camp activities.