Gazzetta Summer Camp evening presentations are usually held in May and June at times and places planned every year:

A) During evening presentations you will be informed about
A) Short background of Gazzetta Summer Camps
B) Transport
C) Accommodation, activities and schedule day
D) Medical assistance
E) Use of mobile phones
F) Pocket money
G) Clothing to bring
H) What not to bring
I) Application forms
J) Social Media

A) Breve Short background of Gazzetta Summer Camps

Since 1985, Gazzetta Summer Camp offers a non-competitive and recreational holiday focused on building up friendship and brotherhood among the participants, through sport and group activities in the nature.
Initially, the sports played were volleyball, football, basketball, tennis and swimming.
Over the years, the number of sports gradually grew, including several new activities such as fencing, climbing, mountain biking, baseball, golf, Karate, archery, tennis table, rugby, water polo, orienteering, judo and so on. New camps have been organised dedicated to different subjects such as photography, music, foreign languages, singing, dance…
Our camps have always been set in wonderful places located in the mountains and since 2003, a new enjoyable holiday at the seaside has been created.
Our initiatives are based on programmes that allow participants to be always on the move, so that they can try different games, sports or lessons.
Gazzetta Summer Camp is or has been partner of FC Internazionale Milano Spa, EA7 Olimpia Milano 1936, Pallacanestro Varese, Virtus Bologna e Vanoli Cremona, Italian Basketball Federation, Italian Volleyball Federation, GSO MC Carnaghi Villa Cortese, Bre Banca Lanutti Cuneo, Igor Volley Novara, AN Brescia, Unendo Yamamay Busto Arsizio, Volley Promoball Montichiari, Italian Fencin Federation, Team World, Nuoto Più Academy, Bolzano Tuffi, Icaro Eventi and Jump Camp.
Since 2011, Gazzetta Summer Camp has been dealing with employees’ children holidays of important multinational corporations such as Intesa San Paolo Bank , The Coca-Cola Company, Pirelli, Vodafone, Mediobanca, Gucci, Mediaset, Walt Disney, UniCredit, , RCS, Mitsubishi, Sky, Mitsubishi, etc., thanks to the partnership with Easywelfare.
During the last three years, thanks to Team Word, Rai have involved Gazzetta Summer Camps in interesting music projects and educational workshops organised together with Telefono Azzurro.
In 2015 Gazzetta Summer Camp projects gained the EXPO recognition and since 2016 a cooperation with UNICEF has started.

B) Trasport

Gazzetta Summer Camp organises a bus service, from scheduled departure points, at an additional cost of € 45,00. The Bus timetable will be soon updated.
On departure day, participants taking the bus, shall bring their own packet lunch. Packet lunch will be put in an appropriate compartment of the bus and given to participants during the stop at lunch time.
Participants accompanied by their parents shall arrive at 4.30PM on the first day of the Camp and shall be picked up at 2.30PM on the last day of the Camp:

Camps in Val di Fassa: Hotel “Il Caminetto”, Strada Dolomiti 3 – Canazei (TN)
Camps in Lignano Sabbiadoro: Bella Italia EFA Village, Viale Centrale 29 – Lignano Sabbiadoro (at Salone Blu _Blue room- Hotel Pineta)
Camps in Marina Julia: Marina Julia Camping Village – Villaggio Albatros, via delle Giarrette, 65 – Marina Julia (GO)
Camps in ValleAntigorio: Mountain retrait “Monte Zeus” – Crego – Premia (VB)

C) Accommodation, activities and schedule day

Participants will be accommodated in one of the structures mentioned above, according to the camp they are enrolled in. Bedrooms will be given according to participants’ age and sex.

In Canazei-Campitello all bedrooms are equipped with bathroom and a hairdryer. Towels are included.
In Lignano all bedrooms are equipped with bathroom and one small towel is included. Bedrooms are not equipped with hairdryers. They can be required at the reception, with a bail of € 5.00, that will be returned at the end of the camp.
Nutrition is prearranged by a food technologist to meet the specific nutritional needs of young athletes.
In Canazei-Campitello it is table service for meals, while in Lignano is self-service.
Gluten free meals or other special meals shall be specified when enrolling.
Campers attending a Multisport Camp will practice two different sports in the morning and two different other sports in the afternoon. Participants to technical and thematic camps will practice their specific activity for half a day. Participants will be divided into groups of about 15-20 people, according to their age, and they will always be accompanied by two instructors from morning to evening and during sports activities.
During the Camp it is forbidden to drink alcohol and to smoke. Participants breaking these rules will get expelled. (See article 9 of Gazzetta Summer Camp Regulation).

Sample day
8.00 Wake up
8.15 Breakfast
9.00 Practical-Theoretical activities
12.30 Free time
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Relax
15.00 Activities
18.30 Free time
20.00 Dinner
21.00 All together for evening entertainment, disco, games, magic shows, tournaments etc.
23.00 Lights out!

D) Medical Assistance

All application forms shall include the Health Form.
The Health Form must be completed and signed by a parent.
A photocopy of the Health Card and a health certificate for non competitive sport activities must be provided as well. (A health certificate for competitive sport activities will also be accepted).
It is recommended not to bring medicines to the Camp. If a participant is under treatment, his/her instructor and the doctor of the Camp must be informed.
Medicines such as Aulin, Tachipirina etc. require a medical prescription. Participants must not take medicines without the doctor’s approval.
Alternative medicines like homeopathy will not be used.

E) Mobile phones

Participants are allowed to bring their mobiles to the camp, but we suggest that they do not use them during activities. It is advisable for parents to call their children after dinner.

F) Pocket money

The entrance to the Canazei Water Park and to the Adventure Park in Lignano are not included in the fee.
We think that 25 euros for children and 50 euros for teens are a reasonable amount to bring.

G) Clothing

Casual and sport clothing are recommended. For further details see “What to bring to the camp” section.
Participants to a technical Camp shall also bring an appropriate clothing for their sport activities, such clothing for volley ball, tennis, basket ect..

H) What not to bring

We recommend that following items should not be brought as they are not useful for this type of experience:

– CD players, videogames
– IPods/Laptops/ MP3 players
– Go Pro and Video cameras
– Valuables

I) Forms required:

– A valid Health certificate for non competitive sport activities. A photocopy will also be accepted. (If you already have a health certificate for competitive sport activities, it will be accepted as well)
– A photocopy of the health card
– The Health Form shall be completed and signed by a parent. 

L) Social media

Parents can watch photos and videos about their children camp on Gazzetta Summer Camp Facebook , Instagram and Youtube.